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Healthy Diet

Take Charge of 
Your Wellness 

With expert guidance from 

Zen Huynh, RD, LD, IFNCP

Meet Zen

Licensed and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,

Integrative & Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner

Zen provides Medical Nutrition Therapy and holistic Wellness coaching as a licensed Dietitian and an Integrative & Functional Nutrition specialist. She expertly guides her clients in identifying their own wellness goals, overcoming barriers, and developing their own sense of empowerment to actively pursue their desired state of wellbeing.

Zen understands, firsthand, the burden of having chronic disease(s) on the quality of life for oneself and supporting loved ones. She found Thriving Zen Nutrition and Wellness as a gateway to inspire and teach others how to become an advocate of their own health and wellbeing so that they can thrive! 


The Thriving Zen philosophy is grounded by an active pursuit of holistic wellness in mind, body, heart, and spirit. Whether your journey is just beginning, you’ve tried and failed at fad diets, or simply have the desire to be proactive for vitality and disease prevention, let Zen’s expert guidance provide you a Nutrition and Wellness action plan that is sustainable and customized to you.


What you can expect working with Zen

Explore the possible root cause of your health issues or concerns

Assess your physical measures and vitals, dietary habits, lifestyle, medical history, and signs & symptoms

Interpret possible nutritional and systems imbalances based on supporting clinical data

Set a Nutrition Care Plan that is unique to you based on your preferences, health status, and wellness goals 

Incorporate Mind-Body approaches to help set yourself up for success

Let Self Care be the driving force of your Wellness Journey and lead you to healing and optimal wellbeing.

I have met with several nutritionists and dieticians over the years and none have come close to having the knowledge and expertise that Zen has. I have some unique health situations and Zen was knowledgeable about most topics and was helpful with information and suggestions about how to improve my diet and lifestyle! I like that Zen is natural and holistic in her approach and has many great resources to share with her clients. I would highly recommend Zen to anyone and have recommended her to a few friends!!

- M.C.

“Zen has changed my life in ways I never thought possible! She helped me gain control of my disordered eating habits and I live so much happier for it!”

- S.G.

After working with Zen, I’m no longer scared that I don’t know what to eat, or that I’m going to die because I can’t eat anything! She is always reassuring & kind. She has helped me survive!!! And when I don’t get it right or, I cheat with something, she is understanding & helps me get back on track.

- M.P.

Zen's holistic approach helped me visualize where I was and needed to be with my overall health. Her guidance has greatly helped me improve, from creating good habits that I can actually stick to and helping me challenge myself to making good decisions. I love the progress we have made and am very excited to continuing working together and reaching the goals she has helped me set. Thank you Zen, you have changed my life!

- P.C.

Working with Zen was transformative. Her expertise guided me to healthier food choices, but what set her apart was her genuine empathy and truly holistic. It wasn't just about the meals; it was about nourishing my entire well-being. Grateful for the positive impact on my health journey!

- Y.H.

Let’s Start Your Nutrition & Wellness Journey

Everyone has a unique story and goals. Whether your journey is just beginning or you have not found much success on your own, Zen can help you customize a Nutrition & Wellness Plan that fits your lifestyle and drives you to succeed.


Ready to take the next step? Zen would love to learn more about you and how she can support your Nutrition & Wellness Journey! Schedule a consultation today.

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