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Becoming Thriving Zen

Some time ago, Zen attended her very first medical conference as a recent graduate and newly credentialed Dietitian. She initially felt intimidated to be among a large group of providers including Physicians, therapists, and other pain specialists. During a discussion, she was suddenly invited to stand up in front of everyone and share her story. Then, the audience became interested in learning more from her on how they could improve their encounters with their patients suffering from chronic pain.


A participant later pointed out that Zen was a “patient turned practitioner” and from that moment on, Zen realized that she was indeed on the right path. She held on to that moment when she decided she wanted to do better for herself and for others by making it her personal mission to be an advocate for healing and wellness.


Because at one point she was that patient…

The Story

Since she was young, Zen has been burdened by the impact of chronic diseases including Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, PCOS, and pre-diabetes. In addition to the physical effects of the diseases, she also faced challenges navigating a healthcare system that is single-diseased focused. It was an overwhelming time seeing different specialists and juggling treatments that seemed to contradict each other.


Meanwhile, she felt lost and alone in her illness.


When Zen reached a pivotal point in her life, she realized that change must start with her and needed to be approached holistically through body, mind, spirit, and heart. She refused to live a life of just surviving day-to-day. She needed to find a way to thrive!


Zen evaluated the pillars of her wellbeing and began actively working to improve her nutrition, fitness, mental, and spiritual health. She committed to becoming more proactive despite her ailments. Flare-ups were inevitable but giving up was unacceptable.


Eventually she was participating in running events, outdoor hiking, yoga and meditation practice, renewing her faith through her religion, and finding strength in loving kindness for herself and others. She became more curious about the healing properties of whole foods and how dietary choices impact health.


All the while, something else has been burning deep. Consider it a “calling” if you may. It was a burning desire to share her story and help others find healing. She left her corporate job and pursued studies in Nutrition Science, Functional Nutrition, Wellness, and Mind-Body Medicine.


Today, Zen practices as a Licensed and Registered Dietitian in Nevada and an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP). Throughout her career, she has filled various roles including Clinical Dietitian, designer of Clinical improvement programs, and management in Food & Nutrition Services in the hospital, post-acute, and outpatient settings. In 2020, she found Thriving Zen Nutrition & Wellness that offers clients a personalized holistic approach to achieving their goals. This is her gateway to truly empower others to take charge of their Wellness and THRIVE!

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